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For 150 years, Tulocay Cemetery has served the Napa Valley as a place of honor and memory.  And with the opening of our full service Funeral Home in June 2009, we can now more fully serve families with compassion and grace during a most difficult time in their lives.

The death of a loved one is one of the most emotional experieces a person will ever face.  There is a seemimgly endless number of decisions to be made while a person wanders around in a fog.  We cannot take away the pain of your grief, but we can make the arrangement process as easy and painless as possible.  Regardless of the type of service a family chooses, we can help them feel that they have cared for their loved one with honor and dignity.  Tulocay Funeral Home is a place to CELEBRATE LIFE! 

A service accomplishes three things for the surviving family members and friends:

  • Bringing acceptance. Sociologists and anthropologists note that death rituals such as wakes, funerals and burials are important ways of acknowledging that death has really occurred. This is necessary so people can move forward in a healthy grieving process by coming to acceptance.  According to the Batesville Casket Company, "The funeral is about mental health and healing." 
  • Social support. Sociologists also say that these rituals help resolve guilt, anger and relationships. It's common for people to have feelings of regrets for what they did or didn't do during the deceased individual's life. For those attending the service, and especially for those choosing the kind of service to have, it's the last opportunity to do the right thing for the deceased. The service is also a time to gather social support for the survivors. Social support can reduce stress and solve practical problems. When someone dies, it leaves a hole in the fabric of a social system that needs to be filled.
  • Celebration. While traditional funerals have been considered somber affairs, people are increasingly demanding more of a sense of celebration for the life of the departed. The funeral is an acknowledgement that the individual is gone, and may have been all that was needed when families lived close together. Since family's generally live far apart in modern society, a celebration is an opportunity for people who haven't seen each other in years to interact. It's a time for people to lightly reflect on the gift that person gave us by being among us. Refreshments lighten the mood and are a way of sharing. Pictures of the deceased help bring out memories and stories. There can be laughter as well as tears.  There is healing in both.


Current member of The Cemetery & Mortuary Association of California

The Cemetery & Mortuary Association of California has served cemeteries and mortuaries here in California since 1931. Upon its founding, the CMAC sponsored the California Cemetery Act under the belief that sound protection of consumers and endowment care funds was the best long-term interest of the industry. Today, the CMAC membership is composed of cemeteries of all types: for-profit, not-for-profit, religious and fraternal.

The Members of the Interment Association of California voted unanimously at our Spring Conference in Coronado to re-vitalize our association with the new name Cemetery and Mortuary Association of California.

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